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MSM Beauty Salon is born from the client's vision of creating a pleasant and warm space. Inspired by pastel tones, the design incorporates high-level details to offer our clients a unique and relaxing experience. With a soft palette and luxurious elements, we aim to merge functionality with aesthetics, creating a charming retreat where beauty meets serenity. Excited to bring this oasis of elegance to life!


During the execution of this project, a comprehensive scope of tasks was undertaken, necessitating the replacement of flooring, tiling, demolition of walls, installation of new ceilings. Additionally, meticulous attention was devoted to the refinement of restroom facilities, parking areas, and spatial configurations, all meticulously crafted in collaboration with the client to ensure a tailored and seamless realization of their vision.


We transformed a simple space into a beautiful beauty salon. We designed spaces in collaboration with our client, and each step was guided by the passion to create a haven of elegance and well-being. This achievement not only represents our construction excellence but also the realization of dreams in a space that promises memorable experiences. We are thrilled to have turned this salon into a place that bring joy to the hearts of those who visit

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